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To the Editor:

We are residents of Manchester who have the honor of serving as trustees for your Manchester Community Library. On March 1, we urge Manchester voters to go to the polls (Australian ballot) to support the Library's request of $207,900, a five percent increase from the past two years. In a time of competing needs, we strongly believe that the Library is one of the best investments we make in our town.

Our new Library is transformative for Manchester. The exponential increase in demand for library services leaves us in awe. Every Manchester resident is able to take advantage of the great resources the Library offers: books for adults, teens and children's books, DVDs, magazines, the fastest Wi-Fi in town, a place to meet, technology tutoring, multiple computers, drop-in work spaces, extensive adult and children's programming, and an array of community events.

You may recall that the new Library was built entirely with privately-raised funds. Still, along with other revenue streams to round out our operating budget, we rely on the Manchester voter to support our funding request at the ballot.

We hear from so many in the community how what we are providing is valued. This confidence needs to translate into reality. If you know or think you might be unavailable to go to the polls on March 1, please vote by absentee ballot (forms are available at the Library) or visit the Town Clerk's office in Town Hall to cast your vote. Each and every vote matters.

If you value your Library, as we hope you do, please do everything that you can to ensure that your "YES" vote for the library is registered on Election Day. Polls are open from 8:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. Your support and the support of the entire community will allow the Manchester Community Library to thrive this year and well into the future.

Patrick Bernal, Tom Deck, Brian Marthage, Martha Heilemann, Alexandra Heintz, Tony Hoyt, Susie Hunter, Christine Miles,David Novak, Mike Powers

Manchester Community Library Trustees who are residents of Manchester.


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