Support recycling

To the Editor:

As a constituent of Senator Bob Hartwell, I'm writing to express my concern about his negative attitude toward Vermont's most successful recycling law Ñ the Bottle Bill. In a recent article in, he seemed to suggest that he'd like to see the Bottle Bill eliminated entirely at some point. In the meantime, he's sponsoring legislation right now that would roll back important pieces of the law (S. 208). If Senator Hartwell's vision were to come true, that would mean more beverage containers going to the landfill and littering our roadsides, hundreds of Vermonters currently employed at redemption centers finding themselves out of work, and less money going to support local charities through bottle drives. That's not the future for Vermont that I want. I urge Senator Hartwell, as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, to stand up for the environment and support the Bottle Bill. If anything, the law should be expanded to include water and juice containers currently exempt from the law. An expanded Bottle Bill will not only improve recycling, it'll help community groups and boost local jobs too.

Troy Hermansky



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