Support Hoffman for school board


To the Editor:

Joe Hoffman is running for a 2 year seat on the MEMS School Board. He comes with a wealth of experience.

He has been a Trooper for the VT State Police from 1987 - 2010, when he retired. He was a MEMS School Board Director for 9 years and also Chair of the Board.

While on the MEMS Board, he was fiscally responsible, honest, always challenging the Board to be thoughtful about their role in supporting the highest education for the community. Joe understands the role of the school board in: building a shared vision for the education in the community, establishing policy to carry out the vision, engaging the community in supporting the education of students, developing a budget that supports the school's vision and assures financial oversight.

Presently he is a Resource Officer for Mill River High School, a position he has held since August 2010. In his spare time he keeps in touch with students by driving the school bus for BBA and Mill River sports events.

His wife Jann, recently retired from Granville School System after teaching for 30 years. His children Judd and Jenna, received all their schooling at MEMS and graduated from BBA.

If you want what's best for kids, vote Joe Hoffman for the 2 yr. position on the MEMS School Board.

Georgeanne E. Bonifanti

James R Church

Manchester Center


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