Successful surgery

To the Editor:

In the past this writer has ranted about the mess at "Malfunction Junction" with the discrimination against traffic coming from Route 11/30 in giving the right-of-way to north- and south-bound vehicles.

The general discourtesy in not stopping to let these vehicles through and the people with cell phones in hand coming through at flank speed created much of the delay.

It is said that one does not undertake hip-replacement surgery until one can no longer stand the pain: my good spouse knows this well.

The pain must have finally won out. I am full of kudos for all who had a hand in orchestrating this most successful surgery of roundabouts. This must have been a one-of-a-kind engineering feat being built on top of a river. Completed with a minimum of disruption to both vehicle and vendor, I believe this should stand as a civic triumph. The benefits are, most importantly, all traffic is now treated equally, regardless of origin, the sight is quite attractive and the cell phone crowd must now keep two hands on the wheel to negotiate the Junction. Hurrah!

W. A. Melhado Dorset


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