Steve Berry for the arts

To the Editor:

I am a visual artist. I live in Manchester, and my studio is in Sunderland.

I am also a writer, and for forty-five years a university professor of the arts, so I have a pretty strong belief of the importance of the arts in our lives. Art keep us in touch with our history while pushing us to explore the future. Participation in the arts teaches us problem solving and the importance of considering issues from an inclusive position - which leads to the important ways it relates to politics.

Steve Berry, candidate for Vermont House of Representatives, supports the arts and will advocate for the Arts in Montpelier.

To support that statement I would like to share Steve's long history of arts related interests. He earned his Doctorate in spirituality and the arts from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, Calif., where he is an adjunct faculty member. His own fields of creative expertise include writing books, and articles; hosting a radio show; producing, directing and editing television shows; making documentary films in both the U.S. and Europe; creating an anthology of over a hundred interviews with old-time Vermont and New England fiddlers; as well as sharing a long time interest in the visual arts and education with his wife Carol, an artist/teacher/lecturer.

Together they created the First Congregational Church Art Gallery in Los Angeles, which helped promote original artwork for local artists and featured renowned national artists. In an effort to educate away from the trend toward violence in TV and films he has held weekly seminars with young artists, teachers, and writers. Together they explored issues of life that affect their vocations and society as a whole. He urged them to develop skills promoting messages that help society. Steve has always sought to create those stories that convey a message of truth, hope, and that lift up the human spirit.

Most importantly for him personally is that he has used the arts to bring awareness to issues and to raise money for people in need.

If you are interested in any way in the arts I would urge you to vote for Steve Berry for the House of Representatives. Once elected Steve will, among many other things, promote the artists and crafters who are so important to our state. He will work to make Vermont even more supportive of the arts and to education so that our children and grandchildren can flourish in a humane way. Vote for Steve Berry. He will advocate for the Arts in Montpelier.

Pat Musick



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