Stand your ground?

To the Editor:
Nine years ago, Illinois State Senator Barak Obama co-sponsored legislation, (SB2386), strengthening Illinois's 1961 Stand Your Ground Law. The Bill unanimously passed the Democratic controlled Senate on March, 2004 with only one comment and the Democratic controlled House in May, 2004 with only two votes in opposition. In recent speeches, President Obama has indicated his opposition to "Stand Your Ground" not only in Illinois, but in thirty-five other states with a similar law.

In more of the President's speeches, he refers to unfortunate incidences, (in some cases Americans have been killed), such as: Fast and Furious, IRS' selective enforcement, Benghazi, NSA, leaking journalists, etc., as phony scandals yet, at the onset of these events he states about those responsible: "they have to be held fully accountable." Do you remember the President's past statement: "we refuse to let Detroit go bankrupt"? In his talks, this President has given us a barrage of ambiguities. It's apparently not what he says but what he does that counts, unfortunately the result has been detrimental for our nation.

Perry Green


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