Something Special

To the Editor:

Is there something special in the water in Manchester Center? My husband and I had only known Manchester Center as a sophisticated collection of outlet fashion stores until last Saturday. We were driving our truck, trailer and horse from Poestenkill, N.Y. to Brownsville, Vt for a horse driving competition. As we started to climb Rt. 30/11 the truck petered out. We were just able to turn around and coast down to Manchester Center and pull off the highway. In no time at all five people had stopped to offer help. "Do you need hay? Water?" A gentleman who owns a close-by trucking firm called his mechanic to check us out. A horse trainer with a pickup truck offered to lend us her truck if ours couldn't be fixed quickly. We were bowled over. The mechanic diagnosed a defective alternator and had it out and a new one in thirty minutes later. However fuses and wires had burned out and the battery was still not charging, so it was going to take longer. We established several common horse-related connections with the trainer, and what at first seemed unimaginable finally seemed possible. With great gratitude we borrowed the pickup truck and after gassing up, we were once again headed north. We arrived just in time to compete and did well. Just before dusk we picked up our mended truck and returned the diesel to its generous owner.

That kind of trust and kindness from Manchester Center folks was truly amazing. We've told the story to many people, and everyone agrees that Manchester Center has some very big-hearted residents.

Lyn Howard

Poestenkill, N.Y.


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