To the Editor:

Smirk is defined as a smile expressing scorn, smugness, etc. , rather then pleasure. This smugness or extreme self satisfaction with oneself is what Mitt Romney showed the American voters watching the presidential debate on Wednesday (Oct. 3) night. So, why did he have that ridiculous expression on his face all night during the debate? Is he better than the president? Does he live in a much higher social class here in America then ordinary folks? Does he detest entire groups of Americans?

Well, he certainly thinks he's better then President Obama that's clear enough! During the debate it became very clear that Mitt Romney is a person who enjoyed smirking at the president while he spoke. His nasty and overly critical comments about the president's economic policies and his lack of honesty about his own plans, make it clear he is not presidential. He's what we referred to as a "smart aleck" in high school. These people always have a facetious and annoying comment for teachers and other people. They are not interested in a honest and sincere debate on the issues.

What really surprised me was how Mr. Romney came right out and demonstrated to the American voting public what kind of a person he really is! But, why should this surprise anyone after the comments he make leading up to the debate. He's a rich guy who really sees himself as miles above ordinary Americans. So, why would we want him as president?

Tom King



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