Smart meters and health

To the Editor:

An estimated 5 percent of the population currently suffers from a condition known as electromagnetic-hypersensitivity. They experience an array of health problems when exposed to wifi, cell phones, cordless phones and other wireless technology ubiquitous in today's world. This segment of the population is predicted to increase as more individuals reach a saturation point in their ability to tolerate microwave radiation. According to Martin Blank, Ph.D, Columbia University (cellular-biophysicist, retired), all people are covertly affected because wireless radiation creates stress reactions in cells, causing DNA strands to fray and break, setting the stage for disease.

In May, 2011, the WHO/IARC classified electromagnetic radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen, confirming what decades of peer-reviewed scientific research has already demonstrated; low-level radio frequency radiation has deleterious effects on human health. Enter wireless smart meters, transmitting continuous pulsed radiation bursts that exceed cell phone levels. If you are experiencing the following health problems, it's important to know your wireless smart meter, brand name Elster or Itron, might be the cause. Headaches, earaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle spasms, heart palpitations and sleep disruptions are some of the symptoms reported in states where wireless meters have been deployed. Have the meter removed immediately, and urge neighbors to remove theirs as well. There's no charge - just contact your utility company's customer service department and request its removal and the return of your old analog meter.

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Martine Victor



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