skateboard project advances

MANCHESTER- A project for a new skatepark took a step forward on Monday, marking what needs to be removed from the current layout of the park. Items such as light posts and ramps were marked with an orange "X" to indicate that they will be removed from the area in preparation of a new skatepark design.

According to John O'Keefe, Manchester's town manager, the ramps will be removed from a safety and a logistics prospective. The majority of the ramps were set to be removed anyway with the construction of the new recreation building that will impede what is now the east end of the skatepark. O'Keefe said in roughly two weeks the items will be removed by the Department of Public Works (DPW).

"I'm really happy with the direction this project is going in," said O'Keefe. "The skatepark committee has really come together and has been working hard on this project."

The project could cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 and could take as long as a couple of years to be completed. Right now the skatepark committee is looking for and accepting donations from anyone who is willing to help their cause.

According to Huck Gibson, chair of the skatepark committee, they are working on getting a design of the skatepark first before any of the fundraising gets underway, however they are planning for fundraising events and accepting donations.

"We want to use every sort of venue outlet we can and we really want to raise awareness about what we are trying to accomplish," said Gibson. Ideas that have been floated around to fundraise involves selling bricks with the buyers name on them, similar to Riley Rink. The brick will be used as a part of the actual design of the skatepark. The committee will also be seeking a grant from the Tony Hawk Skatepark Foundation to help with fundraising.

Gibson hopes that some of the fundraising will come in collaboration with local community hotspots to help raise awareness.

If anyone is interested in donating to the cause or is interested in holding a fundraising event for the skatepark committee they may contact Huck Gibson by phone at 1-212-729-3232 or by e-mail at


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