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To the Editor:

As station manager of 102.7 WEQX, frankly I was shocked when I read the May 16th article in the Manchester Journal regarding the upcoming Experience Manchester, the Center of All Things Vermont radio advertising campaign.

According to the article, the town of Manchester will be promoting Manchester solely on a New York-based radio station; partially funded through $25,000 in public tax dollars.

The sad irony is that one of the largest radio signals in the Northeast (located in Manchester since 1984) was not contacted at all regarding the Experience Manchester radio advertising campaign. I was under the impression that our town actively promoted the success of local businesses.

To provide some context regarding the reach of WEQX, it is quite vast due to a 50,000 watt transmitter set atop Mount Equinox; we have a crystal clear signal in much of Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our point is not to disparage another radio station, but to shed light on the surprising lack of interest and communication from the Town Marketing Committee. In last week's article, Ron Mancini, the Chairman of the Marketing Committee, was referenced as saying the group chose radio because it will reach listeners from ages 30 to 50, with money to travel and in search of the types of experiences available in the area; our listening audience has the exact type of loyal, active and eclectic people the pro-Manchester ad campaign is hoping to engage.

We look forward to having a conversation with the Town's Marketing Committee, and seeing how WEQX can be part of this incredible opportunity to promote the town that we love so much.

Mimi Brown

WEQX Station Manager



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