Seeking support for school board bid

To the Editor of the Manchester Journal and the Citizens of Manchester:

My name is Stephen Murphy and I am a candidate for the two year seat on the Board of School Directors for Manchester, commonly referred to as the School Board. Since arriving in Manchester with my family, I have actively engaged with MEMS on many levels, through direct meetings with the principals, the superintendent, present and former Board members, and teachers and staff. My family was also involved in starting the PTO, a collaborative effort between parents and teachers to coordinate activities and information between the school and the community.

In American society today, a common measure of the appeal of a town is the priority given to its school system. A well designed, planned, and functioning environment where our children can excel is a hallmark of what I would call a school system we can be proud of.

Over the past two years, Sarah Merrill has worked extremely hard to bring MEMS up to the standards of what should be expected based on our taxes. If elected, it is my intention to focus the school's efforts on challenging every student to perform at their best, to enable teachers the atmosphere to practice their professions, and to encourage parents to play a supportive and active role in our children's future.

Further, I believe the above is best accomplished when there is honest debate about topics of significant importance and through sound fiscal policies. To do otherwise would be a dereliction of a Board member's duty.

Please support me in making Manchester an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Stephen Murphy



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