School holds World Travel Expo Day


WINHALL >> The Mountain School at Winhall chooses a yearlong, all school study theme that overarches the curriculum for all grades, Pre-K to 8th.

This year's theme focused on world geography and an in depth look at different regions of the world. To culminate our study, on Friday, May 20th, MSW had a "World Travel Expo Day," where MSW classrooms were transformed into a variety of countries and regions from around the globe. Entrance to each room, required a passport and featured a "Customs Agent" who checked and stamped each entrants documents. Entering the Pre-K/K classroom was a trip to Africa and visitors were privy to an outstanding, filmed production of "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears" a traditional African tale. The characters were created by and acted out by each of the students in the class. Tastes of Chai Masala tea and other spices were offered, along with a display of hand-made Mancalla games.

Down the hall in the 1 / 2 classroom, students shared interesting facts about Canada's sports, wildlife, and their symbol, the Maple Leaf. In addition, a display about life during Pilgrim times compared to Modern day living in the United States was shared, as well as facts about life in Mexico and Mayan masks. The smell of Asian incense lured travelers into the 3 / 4 classroom to learn about and sample tastes, smells, and activities from the world region of Asia. From tea ceremony bowls, brush painting, origami birds, to prayer flags and tastes of Miso soup, vegetable rolls, and sweet treats it was a feast for the senses. The MSW Resource room showcased outer space and our known Solar System. There, students learned facts about the sun and the planets, had a taste of astronaut food and even some Tang.

The 5 / 6 students were hosts for the countries of South America. From facts about the Amazon Rainforests of Columbia, to the Amazon River in Paraguay, to Brazil's passion for soccer and the economy of Argentina, visual displays and tastes were offered to all travelers who entered the room. Lastly, our school leaders in grades 7 / 8, presented the countries of Europe. From maps and flags, to tastes and costumes, countries such as Ireland, France, Greece, and Norway were represented with great interest and flair! Every class had the chance to host visitors, as well as to travel to all other classroom displays throughout the day. It was incredible to see the creative, thoughtful, and fascinating displays that each group created for this Expo. Students were excited, invested, and enthusiastic for this event and everyone should be extremely proud of a superb day of learning and travel.


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