Saving ridgelines

To the Editor:

Go ahead and bulldoze another road into an area that was once a pristine ecosystem. In the long view of things, it probably won't do any more harm than the last ice age did, or the next one will.

But a half dozen windmills stuck up on a ridgeline will also require an all-season road. It will need to be plowed, sanded and maintained. These costs are ten times more than the average person would think they are. The streams that flow from these areas will carry ten times more sediment than they did before the road went in. Then comes the swarms of pathological posteriors, riding on their ATV's, shooting whatever they please. Their wheels carry ten times more weed seeds than most folks would reckon.

Since winds tend to die down when electrical demand is greatest, windmills can only promote grid instability. Storing the power in batteries is never cost effective. These windmills, made in Denmark and installed by a New Hampshire firm, will do little to provide jobs for Vermonters. About the only job available for a local citizen would be the task of picking up all the dead birds, before busloads of schoolchildren are brought in to see how Vermonters are saving the planet.

Now that saner voices are starting to prevail in this wind power debate, will the politicians listen to them?

Of course not. It sort of makes you wonder what they're really up to, doesn't it?

Eric Boberg Sandgate


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