Running for re-election


To the Editor;

I will be running for re-election as one of the two state representatives for the Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate, and Sunderland district.

I hope to have the chance to continue to push for policies that will work because they are based on economic realities rather than political ideology. I will continue to advocate for policies that will work for all Vermonters, not just special interests.

We need comprehensive budget and tax reform to ensure that every dollar raised and spent is effective in achieving policy goals for Vermonters. I believe that we can put in place a sustainable budget with a reformed tax system containing lower tax rates with fewer special exemptions and deductions. We need state policies that do a good job providing the basics that all Vermont workers, businesses, and farms need, rather than subsidies for a favored few. Reforms could bring us lower property taxes, better transportation infrastructure, and improved telecommunications coverage that would provide the necessary conditions for economic development. I believe that we can do this while still assisting needy Vermonters and while still protecting the environment.

If I have the chance to represent this district again I will push for such economic common sense in Montpelier. And I promise that in the future as in the past I will always put principle above politics in seeking the balanced and effective policies that Vermonters deserve.

Please contact me with questions, comments, and criticisms at 802.375.9019 or . Let me know if you want a copy of my "End of Session" Legislative Report by regular mail or email. I continue to hold legislative 'office hours' over breakfast at Chauncey's Restaurant on Rte. 7A in Arlington every Saturday morning from 8 to 9:30 am. I will be updating my website . All of my legislative columns from the Manchester Journal can be found on Facebook or on the Journal's website.

Thank you.

Rep. Cynthia Browning



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