Rooting for Mary

To the Editor;

First, thank you to my friend Mary Barrosse-Schwartz for running for the House. She's courageous for trying. We can already see that the other side tried to do tricks to keep her out of the general elections by asking to write in the incumbent on Mary's ballot. It's desperate and it's a good thing only a few people like to play like that.

I support Mary because she takes the time to listen to people. She and her husband Dr. Schwartz work hard to take care of the people, even the poor and powerless. I like them because they live their lives with integrity and honor. They will make our communities proud with changes in healthcare and education.

Mary helped my family recently, and she hasn't even been elected yet. She knows a lot of people in the state, and they with her well. I urge everyone who feels like no is listening to the, in government, to vote for Mary Barrosse-Schwartz on Nov. 4.

Jean Wilson

East Dorset


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