Rich Man, Poor Man

To the Editor:

The 1976 TV mini series "Rich Man, Poor Man" has been on TV again and I of course watched the entire 8 hours, as I loved it from the old days when it was first broadcast. It reminds me of my family, friends and neighbors.

Having graduated from Bennington Catholic High School in 1964 and growing up in the area in the 1950s, I can relate to the Jordache family in the series. They were struggling to pay bills, one of the two the boys was wild and the other one trying to get into college, etc.

Then later their kids had to worry about Vietnam and the draft, so they had to be in college to get a draft deferment. As it turned out that didn't matter in my case, as I was drafted out of college in 1968 when President Johnson ended college deferments. The Jordache family was always in some crises and up and down like a bouncing ball. They had great times and terrible times. I guess that is reality.

People still go through winning and losing streaks, some get killed while others live and then the survivors have to carry on. So, not much has changed from the years after WW11 until now. This is a great TV mini series.

But, I'll re-name the series, "Rich Man, Poor Man, American Family."

Tom King



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