Reject the current proposed school and library budgets


To the Editor:

School Budget:

The proposed school budget is extremely high this year and if the taxpayers were willing to take the hit for one year, they would not be likely to be double taxed in the future. Whereas if this School Board would try to be responsible to the spirit of the Law and cut the budget as much as possible, the Board could be faced with the prospect of double taxation and tough budget cuts in future years.

School attendance in Manchester is diminishing, and because of the State's imposition of Act 46's spending penalty regulations, I would recommend that you reject this school budget. Also, since in general the people are financially stressed (especially our older population with no children in the system), I would also recommend rejection of this school budget in its present form.

Library Budget:

I personally should be for the approval of any additional funds for libraries since I worked for a local branch of a New York library, and ran a military library for Special Services during my U.S.M.C. tour. Nevertheless, In the face of current conditions which appears to be a lack of the public's use where it concerns reading material - why should we pour any more tax monies into an obviously successful community meeting facility. I would recommend not approving this budgetary item.

Perry Green

Manchester Center


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