Read The Federalist?


To the Editor:

We Americans need more speaking truth in so clear and excellent a fashion as our editor, and Richard Scribner did in March 11 Manchester Journal. Both the editorial and letter illustrate the true stripes of the bigoted buffoon, the bombastic boor which is Donald Trump.

Of course, not forgetting some economical distress in our rapidly changing world, and anguish over obstructionism - it is horrifying that any citizens of our great country could subscribe to the mindless unworthiness of this vapid, vacillating demagogue. It is terrifying to think of DT holding any political office.

He is apolitical. He is authoritarian. He has no understanding that it is the compromises of political parties, of different points of view, that work to make us a democracy.

Choosing a president is not a TV reality show, it is one of the most important jobs each of us needs to undertake. To do this we need to think rationally about the awesome responsibility of the think about justice for all, about liberty, about working together to make America the best it can be...."a shining light on a hill." We need to think of the steady leadership America must continue to provide to our fragile globe.

And someone, please ask DT if he has ever read The Federalist.

Clarissa Lennox



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