Race for the cure

That the past few years have been challenging ones for the organizers of the Komen Race for the cure is no big secret. Any organization, particularly one that saw the growth it experienced in its earlier years, is likely to find the trajectory isn't always straight up.

The national organization's mis-step around cutting its donations and grants to Planned Parenthood have long ago faded from the headlines and that mistake acknowledged and fixed. The Susan B. Komen Foundation is the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted to helping support progress towards a cure for breast cancer, and its long-term viability is to be hoped for and supported.

The 5K run/walk events have been a centerpiece of what the Komen Foundation does, but it's actually only one of several activities, along with the often behind-the-scenes work of treatment, therapy and support the organization pursues. But as its centerpiece event, the run and walk have evolved into a significant moment and visible moment. It's hard not to feel moved when taking part, volunteering or just being present when the race day arrives.

There's a joyous uplifting feeling in the air. Cancer survivors are honored, everyone who wants to can take part at whatever level they are comfortable with, and its all good.

It's also an important moment for Manchester locally - any event that brings at least 1-2,000 people or more into the area for at least part of a weekend is to be desired and protected. We'll have to wait and see whether moving the race from its traditional July date to late September worked out. Adding a 10K run for those who like to stretch their legs for longer than half that distance was a brilliant idea. There's no reason not to tinker with it to put a fresh spin on it from time to time. The main thing is to adapt and give the event its best chance to grow - here.

We congratulate the organizers of the event for a job well done, for putting on a great show for such a worthy cause, and for doing it here. Everyone in town has a vested interest in their continued success. And it will be a great day when the event is no longer needed.


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