Public, not private

To the Editor;

As members of the Board of the Manchester Community Library, we are writing to correct a number of inaccuracies in a letter published in the Banner on February 12 about the Manchester Community Library.

First of all, we are not a private library - we have proudly been a public library since 2003 and we are always grateful that the taxpayers of Manchester have supported our funding requests for our operating budget.

Their support each year allows us to provide of wide range of services free of charge to all Manchester residents. Non-residents pay an annual fee to use the library.

Second, our request to the Town is only for operating support and this is the first time in three years that we are asking for an increase. This increase will be used to restore personnel and hours that were cut.

Third, with respect to other public services, we do not see ourselves in competition in serving the needs of our community; we are complementary. Our library will be open to all; and police, fire and rescue services are available to all.

Our Manchester Community Library Board has worked strenuously to present a budget to the town's taxpayers and voters that is conservative, continuing in our tradition of doing the most we can with each dollar that we receive.

We hope that our fellow residents will come to Town Meeting and continue to support the library.

Linda McKeever, President; Brian Marthage, Vice President; Patricia Bennett, Secretary; Rob Lemonick, Treasurer; Tom Deck, Rabbi David Novak, Christine Rose, Carol Berry, Patrick Bernal, Stephen Drunsic, Meg Seff, Martha Heilemann Manchester Community Library Trustees


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