Pretty messy but pretty interesting

To the Editor;

In October our hauler TAM Inc. and I performed a trash sort of 15 randomly chosen, 33 gallon trash bags that were brought to the Londonderry Transfer station on a Saturday. The results were pretty messy but pretty interesting too.

At the trash sort we found that by weight, which is how we are charged for disposal, only 34 percent of what was in those bags was trash. Another 25 percent was food scraps. The other 41 percent was made up of things that could be recycled at the transfer station like cans, mixed paper, glass, bulky plastics, corrugated cardboard and redeemable bottles and cans. If the 25 percent food scraps were composted only 34 percent or 1/3 of those bags was actual trash. Less trash translates directly to less disposal and transportation costs, less trash in the landfill, less methane gas produced and more recycled materials available to be made into other products rather than mining raw materials at a greater cost.

The Londonderry Transfer Station has a reuse area or as one resident suggested a "Take It or Leave It" area. Rather than putting useful, useable items in the trash, someone might find your trash their treasure. We do not accept clothing in this area as we have The Thrifty Attic in Londonderry that accepts and resells clothing and then funnels the revenue from the sales back into the community.

Esther Fishman



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