Police Log, May 25-31

May 25:

Responded to a commercial alarm at Nina's on Depot Street

Investigated an illegal dumping complaint on Pat Kelley Lane

Parking complaint on West Union Street

Responded to a residential alarm on Nottingham Park

Report of a possible domestic disturbance on Center Hill

Report of a parked car hit by a golf ball at Equinox on the Batten Kill

May 26:

Female on Bonnet Street reported that someone may be on her porch

Responded to a Residential alarm on Canterbury Road

Responded to a commercial alarm at Bass Shoe on Main Street

Responded to a report of juveniles skateboarding on Highland Ave

Responded to an alarm at Town Hall

Responded to a commercial alarm at the bike shop on Depot Street

Responded to a commercial alarm at Nina's on Depot Street

May 27:

Assisted female on Bonnet Street with bat in her bedroom

Verified VIN at office

Responded to a parking complaint on Equinox Pond Road

Processed drugs for lab examination

Responded to Virgil Road for a TRO violation

May 28:

Report that a vehicle parked in Shaw's lot was damaged

Checked on male for Adult Protective Services

Subject reported that she may have backed into another vehicle

Checked on a suspicious vehicle at the Rec Park

Assisted rescue squad with a patient who fell on Highland Avenue

May 29:

Report of a minor accident on Main Street by Hildene

Report of illegal dumping in dumpster behind Rite Aid

Report of a dog running at large on Applewood Lane

Responded to a residential alarm on Jennifer Lane

Verified VIN at office

Fingerprinted subject at office

Arrested male on Homer Road for violation of court orders

Report of a minor crash in Stewart's lot

Assisted with traffic at a medical call at the Farmers' Market on Main Street

Requested to assist state police at Pine Road in Dorset

Assisted vehicle lockout at Earth & Sea

Assisted Winhall Police Department at their office with unruly prisoner

Checked on two vehicles parked by the water tank on West Union Street

May 30:

Responded to a residential alarm on River Road

Female reported damage to her vehicle, has no idea where it may have happened

Community policing - bicycle safety instruction at Manchester Elementary Middle School

Community policing - "Coffee with a Cop" at Mrs. Murphy's

Delayed report of a vehicle struck at Shaw's lot

Another delayed report of a vehicle struck at an unknown location

Report of verbal disorderly conduct on Hillcrest Road

Report of a prohibited item at Burr and Burton Academy

Assisted young male with thoughts of harming himself

Responded to an alarm on Upland Downs Road

Assisted subject at office with concerns about an elderly parent

Report of a non-reportable 2 car crash in Rite Aid lot

Report of a suspicious vehicle on Clover Lane

May 31:

Spoke with couple on West View Estate about property dispute

Assisted vehicle lockout at the Rec Park

Report of suspicious vehicles at the end of Rocking Stone Lane

Report of a vehicle making noise at Spruce Brook Apts

Note: Court time, foot patrols, directed patrols, property checks and traffic stops are excluded from this report


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