Police Log

January 19: 12:46 - Responded to a report of a vehicle stuck at the Depot Street roundabout. 15:05 - Assisted with a vehicle lockout by Manchester Sport on Main Street. 17:00 - Responded to a two vehicle crash in front of the Red Sled Motel on Depot Street. 21:55 - Responded to a commercial alarm at Depot 62.

January 20: 08:34 - verified a VIN number on Main Street. 14:23 Checked on dogs that a neighbor thought should be inside due to the cold on West Road. 15:35 Found an unsecure door on vacant house on Barnumville Road. 16:45 Conducted an investigation into a possible theft of tips from a Depot Street restaurant.

January 21: 00:26 located an intoxicated male staggering down Main Street by the police station. 05:17 Investigated a report of a building wide open on Main Street by Ormsby Hill. 10:32 Investigated a residential alarm on West Fields. 12:13 Received a report of a fraudulent transaction by a logging contractor on East Manchester Road. 13:01 Investigated a 911 hangup call from a Richville Road business.

January 22: 09:51 Received a request for notice of trespass by Main Street resident. 14:36 Fingerprinted a subject for an agency in the State of Iowa. 16:05 Received information about specific drug activity. 16:51Ñ Received a report from citizen about an attempted use of her credit card in New York City. 18:00 Attended a meeting at BBA with staff and parents. 19:25 Ñ Investigated an alarm at the Richville Road post office. 22:02 Received a report of a Depot Street store employee trapped inside after alarm the alarm was set.

January 23: 00:18 Responded to a commercial alarm at Maplefields. 06:39 Responded to a residential alarm on Birch Hill Road. 08:07 A subject on Homer Road reported that the base plate on his vehicle's CD player was stolen. 10:53 Ñ Fingerprinted a subject for a position at BBA. 11:00 Received a report of employee theft from Maplefields. 11:17 Ñ Responded to an ongoing landlord tenant dispute on Main Street at Homer Road. 21:15 Attempted to assist with a vehicle lockout on Ormsby Hill Road. January 24: 02:08 Responded to a commercial alarm at Depot 62. 11:43 Responded to a residential alarm on McCooey Drive. 13:11 Verified a VIN number at the office. 16:43 Investigated a two car minor crash on Depot Street at Exit 4.

January 25: 01:11 Performed a welfare check on elderly male on Barnumville Road. 07:39 Received a report of a disabled truck on Barnumville Road. 14:50 Ñ Assisted a landlord on Highland Avenue who had a problem with a tenant. 17:36 Ñ Located a reported missing juvenile male. 21:10 Assisted a motorist whose vehicle slid off the road on Main Street. 22:12 Received a report of a dog running at large on Beech Street. 23:05 Received a report of vehicle doing "donuts" in parking lots on Depot Street. Note: Court time, foot patrols, directed patrols, property checks and traffic stops are excluded from the report.


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