Pearce for Treasurer

To the Editor:

This year our State Treasurer, Beth Pearce, is seeking a term in her own right, having been appointed Treasurer by the governor after then Treasurer, Jeb Spaulding was appointed Secretary of Administration.

Now nearly two years later, as Chair of the Senate Committee on Institutions, I have worked many hours with Beth and have come to know her as a highly informed and competent administrator managing an office which performs very important duties for all Vermonters. These include advising the legislature and the administration as to the most prudent ways with which to manage the State's financial resources, determining when are the best times to go to the market to borrow funds in support of state operations, among many others.

Among the Treasurer's many duties is to advise and work with the Committees on Institutions in the implementation of the state capital construction and state bonding legislation, a two year bill usually referred to as the Capital bill, which finances the State's capital construction needs as determined by the legislature.

Beth has held significant responsible positions involving the management of public finance in four states serving as Deputy Treasurer of Massachusetts before her service as Deputy State Treasurer in Vermont. I have worked extensively with Beth and urge voters to support her candidacy; Beth has worked tirelessly to assure Vermont's creditworthiness now the best in New England; in fact, with Beth's able assistance, Vermont is now on track to become one of only eight states with triple A bond ratings form all three rating agencies. Beth is a collaborative and hard working public servant who will continue to promote the best interests of all Vermonters.

Given that the State Treasurer spends considerable time providing vital information and testimony to my Committee and given the her highly professional per formance in this regard, I ask the voters to support the candidacy of Beth Pearce for Vermont State Treasurer.

Senator Bob Hartwell Bennington Senate district


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