Pawlet to eliminate streetlights

Town of Pawlet plans to eliminate unnecessary streetlights The Town of Pawlet is assessing its use of streetlights to see how they can be more efficiently operated. Presently the town has 61 streetlights. In 2013 the total cost of operating them was about $13,000 - 42 percent of that amount on Pawlet streetlights and 58 percent on West Pawlet streetlights.

The Pawlet Energy Group is working with the statewide nonprofit Efficiency Vermont to update the town's streetlight inventory and identify any unnecessary streetlights that could be eliminated. A longer range goal is to upgrade the remaining fixtures to more efficient LED lights.

The criteria developed by Efficiency Vermont for evaluating the use of existing fixtures are: security requirements, pedestrian safety, and traffic safety. For instance, streetlights should be maintained along sidewalk zones and at major intersections and along dangerous road areas.

The Pawlet Energy Group used these criteria to assess the location of streetlights in the town and concluded that 13 lights in West Pawlet and 11 lights in Pawlet should be considered for elimination. These 24 lights represent about 40 percent of the town's lighting demand.

In addition, the Town is considering adding one new streetlight in Pawlet at the intersection of Rupert Mountain Road and Mary Lane on the west side of the bridge across the Mettowee River where a new fire standpipe has been installed.

The lights that are being suggested for elimination are shown below.

Community members are encouraged to review this preliminary list and contact the Pawlet Energy Group by September 15 at with any concerns. A detailed map and list of the streetlights being considered can also be viewed at http://pawlet.

After September 15, the specified lights will be shut off for a 3-month trial period during the darker months to better determine if they are necessary. At the conclusion of the three-month trial period, the town will decide which lights can be eliminated.

Streetlight locations West Pawlet: Route 153, Catholic Church to town garage - 2 lights (pole numbers: 28/100, 102). Route 153 Past town garage before Euclid - 2 lights (pole numbers: 112/30, 114). Euclid, far end - 1 light (pole number: 10-2/1). Behind Leslie garage building in town - 1 light over above ground pool (pole number: 126A/4A). Railroad Avenue, in front of site of former Dutchies Store and at state line - 2 lights (pole numbers: 128-01-1, 128-01-1B). Egg Street, between town center and bridge - 1 light (pole number: 128-02). Route 153 South of town at end of sidewalk zone - 4 lights (pole numbers: 134, 135X, 136X, 138) Pawlet Cemetery Hill Road - 2 lights (pole numbers: 257/12, 254). Route 30 south of Sheldon store - 2 lights (pole numbers: 3-24-01, 296). Route 30 north of Sheldon store and sidewalk zone - 2 lights (pole numbers: 3-17, 287). Route 133 north between firehouse and Herrick Brook Road - 5 lights, not consecutive (pole numbers: 16/6, 1/13 with 1-5, 10/19/6, 28 with 1-20, 16/30/18.

Note that the streetlight poles have many numbers on them. If any of above number combinations match any part of the numbers on a specific pole, then that pole is included in the study.


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