'Open' flags useful

To the editor:
This is in response to the article in the Manchester Journal in regard to the 'open' flags.

The economy has changed and the town is very rapidly changing with it. We have many businesses closed or in the process of closing. 'Open' flags let people know that many businesses are still in operation and open.

Prospective customers are not sure when they are driving around Manchester seeing all of their favorite stores closed if other stores are closed as well. Would the town rather have 'for sale' signs and 'for rent' signs that are growing through the town? Are these signs better to see? I don't think so.

Let's give the businesses that are trying to stay afloat a chance to survive, not bury them with some old antiquated laws. Better a few flags than 'going out of business' signs. The town will still look as pretty as a picture when the flags fly high and say that we are still in business, and are open. Many other businesses, as well as their employees, also rely on a thriving town.

Common sense should tell us that it is time for Manchester to move ahead with the changing times before it is too late.

Annette Eggers
Manchester Center


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