Online Marketplace gathers steam

MANCHESTER - For many towns, there has always been a central square or park, where in a by gone era business transactions took place along side children playing. Manchester no longer has only a physical center of commerce and trade, where goods can be bartered for services or vice versa. What we do have in town as well is the virtual Manchester Marketplace Facebook page.

Marty Glover, a local roofer, started the page about three or four years ago.

"It was at that time that Facebook started to allow groups," he said. "I started a bunch, it was a way, every now and again to put up one of my roofing ads." When the page was first created, Glover said it was fairly small, but after three or four months it started to pick up, with more people posting. If you go on the page, people can be selling anything from a used Subaru to Labrador Retriever puppies. There's baby clothes, oil tanks and exercise equipment to be found and even rental properties or in some cases jobs. Abby Crepeau Lalor even found a home for her rooster.

In some cases, there are also local events advertised. Victoria Silsby commented on a post about this article and wrote that this is a great site for young and old.

"[I] appreciate the admins letting non profits and local events be posted as community news on this site. The site is really about collaboration and community built around the purpose of buying and selling," she wrote.

Glover said this site works because it's focused around a small town, where people know one another.

The site has rules and they are strictly enforced. They include no sales of anything illegal or weapons. Individuals can post garage sales as a way to advertise them. Posts are removed after they've been up for a month and sellers are asked to delete items once they've sold.

Karin Hegedus, one of the site administrators, said she helps to remind people to remove items after they've sold, as well as keeping things organized and reminding everyone to be nice when tempers may flare.

"I'm sort of a peace maker naturally," she said. "I tell folks, let's try and keep things in order."

All in all though, Hegedus said there really are not many problems of bad sellers, sales of prohibited items or profane language. This is a site for the community to help each other out. She said she has made friends through the site, as well as gotten rid of some unwanted goods.

"It's a positive site, I've been on other sites that were out of control and disrespectful," she said.

Many others agree. On more than one occasion, this page has been touted as a great way to recycle in the community. Beth Whitaker wrote that this page is an ever changing tag sale among neighbors.

"This site is a group of people who either have something or are looking for something that people nearby might want or have," she wrote. "Every transaction seems to be a win-win, and it's all done between real people who might end up seeing one another again and again under other circumstances."


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