Now for the hard part

To the Editor:

We did it!

I am truly humbled and honored by the strong show of support. With all the ballots counted, I ended up with 1298 (56%) votes vs. 1013 (43%) for my opponent.

It was a long campaign; one in which my opponent, Emmett Dunbar, and I both worked very hard to earn your vote.

Earlier today, I received a very gracious note from Mr. Dunbar, in which he congratulated me on the victory. I would like to thank and congratulate him for running a spirited and issue-oriented campaign, which offered voters a real choice.

As far as I know, this was the only race in Vermont where no political party was represented. In a race with two independents, we didn't have the distraction of party labels, so this truly was a contest between two candidates, their experience, and their ideas.

I want to thank everyone who helped with my campaign - those who volunteered their time, put up a lawn sign, wrote a letter of support, or helped financially - each and every one of you helped make this a success. And a special thanks goes to the town clerks and election officials who stayed up late into the evening to count all the ballots!

Now the real work begins; the state is facing some big challenges, which I look forward to tackling as your next representative.

Your vote was just the beginning - I can only make your voice heard in Montpelier if I hear from you. So, I would encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas as we head into the next legislation session this January.

Tim Goodwin



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