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To the Editor:

Understanding the political calculus of a small and close-knit community can be an interesting exercise, as I have learned over the past couple of weeks during my petition process for a term on the Manchester Selectboard. My intention had always been to find an avenue with which to better contribute my time serving this community. Having been raised here until the age of 18 and then returning at the age of 30 after so many years in Maine and New York, it was time to start charting a civic-minded course of my own. But in doing so, I may not have fully considered all of the implications that can arise as a result of a competitive three-way race. Given the participation rate of voting in the March election, results can be subject to volatility and right now, with two seats open, both being contested, consideration should be given to the effect that may have on the continuity of the board's work. As such, I have made the decision to 'withdraw' from the race for the two-year term, understanding that it is not yet my time and that the more experienced candidate, Carol Lattuga, should have a more direct shot at that seat.

While my name will still remain on the ballot, I urge whatever supporters I may have had to support Carol for another term. I would also urge those same voters to support the three-year candidate, Greg Cutler. I am confident, with the election of those two candidates, that the composition of the Selectboard will be well-balanced and amply-experienced.

This decision was not made without careful deliberation, and I hope to have an opportunity to consider other positions that may become available on other important appointed boards here in Manchester, in the near future.

For all of those who took the time to sign my petition, I greatly appreciate your support and hope to have the opportunity to channel that support in another productive manner. Thank you.

Stephen Drunsic Manchester


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