Not the Dems of old


To the Editor:

This isn't my father's Democratic Party.

Being a news junky, I've been watching the political conventions of both parties - the Democratic of late, and came to the conclusion that logic and sensibility don't exist anymore. I watched a respected General talk about the lost souls at the Bengazi fiasco, and the audience in disgust turned their backs on him in a show of disrespect. I watched a women speaker call for a moment of silence to memorialize the murdered police officers, and the audience showed their disdain by screaming and chanting black lives matter.

The party of Andrew Jackson is now represented by a past Governor and President who acted in a lewd manner, lied to Congress, and was impeached; a Secretary of State who threw his medals away as a statement of his dislike for his country; a first lady who was not proud of her country until her husband became President, and a nominee candidate for President that lied to the American people, and the parents of the four deceased Americans including the Ambassador about the cause of the Bengazi fiasco; this same nominee lied to the F.B.I. and Congress numerous times in her illegal and unethical use of several private unsecured servers, hand held computer and telephonic devices, not having any concern for the safety of our nation's secrets; then as Secretary of State, eliciting donations to her foundation from nations that abuse woman, gays and others not practicing their specific form of religion - obviously for personal gain. Then there is this current President who on numerous occasions has lied to us as in the unaffordability of the Care Act, you can keep your doctor, etc., our loss of status as a world leader among nations, and has exploded the national debt exceeding the sum of all other prior national debts.

With so many qualified honorable Democratic candidates for the highest office of our nation, why does this Party select a candidate with such serious flaws? This question defies credibility.

Perry Green

Manchester Republican Party Chairman


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