Not good paying jobs

To The Editor:

Regardless of how one feels about the coming Hampton Inn in Manchester, let's not kid ourselves about the "jobs" that the Mullaney Family and others claim its presence will bring. Yes, the construction industry and related trades will see some jobs for a few months - or however long it takes to build the thing - but the residual jobs for locals that will be created will be low-paying, mostly minimum wage at best: bellhops, desk clerks, maids, waiters and waitresses. These are not the jobs that the young residents of Manchester will aspire to; these are not the jobs that will bring new families to the area. And this is not just true of the Hampton Inn. Any of the rumored proposed new businesses in town - Starbucks, Subway, I've heard Panera, will be the same: they will provide low paying, unskilled jobs for some, but will not offer the kind of employment opportunities that induce young people to stay or others to come. So, let's at least be honest and realistic about the "Jobs Carrot" that is constantly dangled in front of us.

Gay Squire



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