Nifty with Thrifty

To the Editor:

The Thrifty Attic in Londonderry is a great community partnership. Items are donated by the public, sorted and sold by Thrifty Attic volunteers and purchased by many, many people in our community - both loyal local shoppers and people who come from afar to visit our little store. Each year The Thrifty Attic raises tens of thousands of dollars that are put right back into our community organizations.

This awesome cycle breaks down when items that are not appropriate for donation get left on the porch of the Thrifty. Our volunteers have to process these unsellable donations and get them to the dump, which is exhausting and expensive. Recently we received a full set of encyclopedias that weighed over 200 pounds - the owners didn't want them but nobody is going to buy them, so they became a large burden to the Thrifty Attic staff.

Tag Sale leftovers are routinely a problem for us this time of year. Often items have been left out in the rain, are dirty and useless to us to sell. If it didn't sell at the tag sale, it won't sell at the Thrifty either.

Please think carefully before you burden our volunteers with inappropriate donations of electronics, furniture, dirty clothing, paint, large or heavy items, etc. There is a room at the dump where large items that you think might be useful to someone can be left for free.

We do get many high-quality donations for which we are very grateful and proud to sell at reasonable prices to our community members. It is the heart of what keeps this cycle going - Thank you!

Andrea Ogden

Secretary, Thrifty Attic Board of Trustees



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