New Year's resolutions worth trying


Pick up a book more often

Gain more knowledge and relieve stress by vowing to read more in 2016. Commit to reading 20 to 30 minutes a day instead of trying to tackle a set number of novels in a year. Ask friends for suggestions.

Get moving

Push the chair away and stand

We could all use more exercise, but instead of just promising to "lose weight," incorporate more standing into your day. Set a timer at your desk to stand at least once every hour for a stretch or stroll.

Take a break

Put down your smartphone

Disconnect in order to connect with loved ones again — make yourself take a break from all social media at least one day a week. See what you can do with that time and new-found freedom.

send a card

Remember anniversaries

Skip the 'Happy Birthday!' post on Facebook and send an old-fashioned card. Vow to send out cards to loved ones on unexpected occasions to show them you remember and, better yet, care.


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