Muddled on Bernie


To The Editor;

The Editorial in the Manchester Journal dated Feb,19,2016 "Memo To Bernie" leads one to believe that the writer should become more familiar with the Senator Sanders multiple issues. Less than 10 months ago who knew what Bernie Sanders message stands for but from all appearance his message is resonating. The article was muddled and not clearly defined.

Bernie's platform includes: 1. Raising the minimum wage. 2. Equal pay for men and women. 3. Climate change and the effects on our environment. 4. Disproportionate incarceration of minorities in the prison system. 5. Banks too big to fail. 6. Private financing of election,which will prevent the election process from being corrupted. 7. He voted against the war in Iraq which proved to be a disaster for this country as well as the destabilization of the MiddleEast. 8. Reinstating the Glass Steagall Act which separated the banks from the mortgage industry and was dismantled under the Clinton administration when millions of hard working Americans lost their homes and savings Senator Sanders has advocated the reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act. 9. Senator Sanders has stood steadfast against the implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership which will send millions of jobs to the Pacific Rim. This will be a greater disaster than NAFTA.Hillary Clinton referred to the TPP as the " gold standard." 10 .Bernie Sanders as a member of CORE was arrested in Chicago while fighting for racial justice. 11.Voting rights for all Americans. 12.He is passionate about raising the hopes and aspirations of those who have been disenfranchised.

To acquaint yourself and your readers for more information about Bernie Sanders, check out his website

Norma Tomey



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