Mother's Day vignette

To the Editor:

To begin with I love spring and I love Vermont. Today two of my loves joined in perfect harmony to create a beautiful symphony of happenstance. While enjoying brunch at the Roundabout Cafe seated on wrought iron chairs which had been placed on a patch of grass accompanied by the necessary table, my husband and I watched a parade of activity pass before our eyes. Cars, a truck or two and several motorcycles drove by as we enjoyed our French toast, in other words the usual clatter when eating outside in Manchester Center. Then without notice it happened. The Baptist Church next door to the restaurant had concluded its Sunday morning service. Ladies young, old and in between were proudly walking up or down the street, take your pick concerning the direction you prefer, each carrying a single carnation. Surely this was a tribute to Mother's Day. Think Norman Rockwell. I smiled at the first passerby then said Happy Mother's Day to the remaining ladies. All smiled at me and several wished me a Happy Mother's Day. It took just a simple smile and a happy message, complete strangers, all in harmony. Perhaps it was nothing more than the warm sun and the clear blue sky or the gentle breeze. I would like to believe it has a lot to do with embracing the sense of a small town tucked between two mountain ranges in southeastern Vermont.

Each stop after brunch, there were three, yielded a friendly smiling face.

Years ago I recall when good things happened people would say jokingly, it's in the water. Well we know that is simply not so. It is people being people in the best sense of the word, living in a small town that welcomes a smile and friendly greeting.

You do not notice the traffic whizzing by, what registers within is the possibility that all is not lost. So just smile and say hello, you may be surprised at the friendly response you receive in return.

Joan D. Fegelman



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