Morning after thoughts

To the Editor:

What if: All the money spent on campaign ads, bumper stickers and general noise had been invested in small business? Its all about the economy, right? Well, invest in it.

What? You didn't think it was a good investment and you might lose money? What do you have for that money spent now, especially if your candidate lost? And maybe if your candidate won - we have this network of influence and backscratching that we all say we loathe and want to get rid of. Wouldn't that be an interesting development.

Sorry media, you'll have to make ends meet by other means than ads that are basically negative bashing. But then again, if there is more and more prosperity because of increased investment in business there will be more business to advertise their product through you. Any product would be better than what you have been peddling for the last two years.

Just a thought. And maybe candidates, all the way down the line, from town selectmen to President would spend more time making their case directly to the American people, through what they do and believe in, not what some group dictates they should do and believe in.

At least this might be worth exploring, whether you are the Koch Brothers, or a Super Pac - think of it - a Super Pac generating investment in any small business or entity that applied to them. Or even more radically - how about having students apply for grants, or even to pay off their student loans? Somehow I think that's more positive than all the mud slinging and fingerpointing, to say nothing of the seeming necessity to start campaigning for office 25 minutes after every election is just completed. Might be a little more time for everybody to do his job a bit more effectively.

Barbara Melhado



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