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To the Editor: In reply to the letter from Perry Green (Oct. 25, The Wisdom of Jefferson), I'm glad to hear you read all six volumes of Jefferson's biography, although it's interesting that you happened to pull six quotes that just happen to be quoted by many conservative websites. I guess all you conservatives think alike! Some of the quotes are kind of the "no kidding" type - like don't give money to those who won't work. By the way, does that include people who have been on disability or workers comp? Does Perry really think that Jefferson's reading of history really means anything about government today? After all, the history he was reading was about pre-modern democracy governments from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Does Perry really think it was a bad thing for the U.S. government to go deeply into debt to fight World War II? Is he aware that ever since the new Republican party of Reagan, the debts of the U.S. have increased much more during Republican Presidencies than during Democratic presidencies? And don't tell me about the debt increases under Obama, since he inherited the Bush economic catastrophe and wars that we're still paying for. And what about not compelling a man (I guess it's okay for women) to pay taxes for things he disagrees with? I'll tell you what Perry, you make the list of things you don't want to pay for, and I'll make my list. If the government only paid for things everyone agreed to pay for, then we wouldn't have a government. Oh wait, that's something you'd like; until you realized that you wouldn't even have a road to drive on to leave your house, or an army to protect you, or all of the other uncountable things that the government does for everyone.

Oh, and by the way, Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves, so he's not exactly a paragon of wisdom and virtue to use as a guiding star in your life.

Gary Fishkin



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