To the Editor:

Recently at the Mark Skinner Library, C.J. King mesmerized her audience with startling exhaustive research about one of our most talked about first ladies - Mary Todd Lincoln.

Most everyone came to the meeting with pre-conceived feelings about Mary Lincoln: she was crazy.

Ms. King, who is a distant, distant, distant cousin of Mary Lincoln, disabused us of this notion. We discovered a woman who was a smart, well-educated person, a dynamic, supportive presence in the White House and yes, she did have a temper and had migraines and was probably bi-polar. I enjoyed the casual way Ms. King introduced the picture of Mary and her son Robert Todd Lincoln walking from the Equinox and strolling about. She made it all so personal. I will view this local area differently henceforth. Historic moments have consequences.

Ms King's delivery of her in-depth research was both energetic, insightful and inclusive. Never once did I feel that she wasn't speaking to me. At the end of her talk I became convinced that Sally Field was the right choice for the role. And then there was Daniel Day Lewis - he was Abe.

Once again the Mark Skinner Library's Adult Programming Coordinator Cindy Waters provided us with both information and entertainment.

Harvey Flaxman Manchester


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