Meet 'Owly'

To the Editor:

He comes nearly every morning and leaves just before dark. He sits, watches, and listens for mice and red squirrels, who live in the snow under the feeder next to our dining room window. Owly can sit nearly motionless for hours. If we make noise in the house, he turns his head all the way around to scowl at us. Small birds flutter timidly around him, but keep their distance. He hasn't yet shown any interest in eating them.

When he hears a mouse or squirrel under the snow he bends over to look down, becomes agitated, and hops around getting ready to pounce. When he's fixed the animal's exact position, he suddenly drops down with claws out, pins the animal under the snow, grabs it in his beak, and flies off to a nearby tree branch to eat it in 3 gulps. Owly keeps us entertained nearly every afternoon. We've been wondering why he comes in the daytime and how long the mice and squirrels will last.

Paul E. Myers



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