Media misleading, unobjective


To the Editor:

It's a dime a dance romance these days in politics with the news media. This romance that goes on between the candidates and the liberal press is getting out of control. I see various news media persons on TV throwing soft balls at their democratic favorites while interviewing them. This placating of Dems by these so-called unbiased journalists makes me not want to watch TV at all! The fact is that the Dems have gone too far and created a social structure in America that begs to be dismantled. It's bemone us against them in politics and it has made congress so grid locked that no business can be done in DC. In other words our country's urgent business is not happening. The various liberal media personalities have connections to the Democratic party and are related in ways that make it obvious to anyone who bothers to check it out. This conflict of interest gets it's origin from the management's personal political beliefs. They choose a Democratic candidate and stay with the person. This romance perpetuates itself.

While the Republicans make it hard to like them, the media still needs to be objective. Mixing ones own personal beliefs with your news coverage is clearly inappropriate. But, it's what I see and hear on TV everyday. The talking heads have gotten very obvious about it and really don't care. An example is the media's obsession with Hillary Clinton. They chose her to be the democratic nominee over Bernie Sanders early on and are still pushing it. This same pattern of bias reporting was apparent with republicans too. By going negative vs the republicans the media created a winning plan for Clinton. This brainwashing of the viewing public is what I'm concerned about. Without a clear and obvious plan to be totally objective the news media ends up being a tool of the political establishment. That's what we've got going in America.

Thomas King



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