Manchester Police and Fire Logs: Nov. 4-10


November 4:

01:16 Responded to an out of control male on Bonnet Street.

06:21 Responded again and arrested same out of control male on Bonnet Street.

08:14 Received a report of a commercial alarm at Banana Republic.

13:00 Received a report of an owl standing in the middle of US Route 7 at Exit 4 blocking traffic.

23:22 Assisted the Vermont State Police with a possible DUI stop and a consent search on Depot Street.

November 5:

01:41 Responded to a false commercial alarm at Herend on Main Street.

14:19 Received a report of vandalism to the old chamber of commerce building on Bonnet Street.

15:52 Opened investigation into a juvenile sex offense.

18:26 A truck driver reported he struck the new roundabout causing damage to his vehicle.

19:30 Received a report of a possible sick fox at Hunter Park.

20:30 A male reported that there is a car alarm sounding at the Manchester Industrial Park.

23:37 Responded to a false residential alarm on West Fields.

November 6:

15:33 Began investigation into a possible sex offence.

16:00 A woman came into the office to discuss a suspicious incident.

November 7:

03:56 Responded to a commercial false alarm at Herend on Main Street.

10:28 Received a report that an unknown vehicle backed into a sign for Southern Vermont Glass & Sign on Elm Street and destroyed it.

23:06 Received a report of a noise disturbance on Dufresne Pond Road.

November 8:

05:58 Received a report of a male being assaulted on Main Street by Hand Motors.

06:08 A woman from The Meadows reported she saw someone stealing something.

09:02 Began an investigation into reported child abuse of a one-year-old male.

10:59 Served an abuse prevention order on a male on Bonnet Street.

11:01 Performed a background investigation for a liquor license.

15:39 Investigated an accident where a woman struck a Shaw's delivery truck causing damage to her vehicle and the truck and left the scene.

21:48 Received a report of a female being assaulted by another female on Depot Street in the vicinity of Bob's Diner.

November 9:

09:31 Responded to MEMS to remove a 14-year-old juvenile who was physically out of control.

18:29 Responded to a car v.s. deer accident on Depot Street in the vicinity of the US Route 7 overpass.

18:57 Investigated a false commercial burglar alarm at Hickey Freeman on Center Hill.

19:43 Responded to Torrey Knoll for a report of animal abuse to a pet rabbit.

November 10:

00:18 Responded to US Route 7 in Dorset in response to a tractor trailer parked near the Marble Edge Motel with its motor running.

02:49 Investigated a commercial burglar alarm at Manchester Discount Beverage.

10:02 Responded to a parking complaint on Taconic Road.

15:25 Received a report of three juvenile females attempting to buy beer at various Depot Street sales outlets.

15:38 Received a report of a male with a loaded rifle in his vehicle in violation of Fish & Wildlife laws.

17:54 Received a motor vehicle complaint of a vehicle coming down the mountain in the wrong lane.


November 4:

19:11 Received a report of a guide wire on fire on a pole at 7330 Main Street.

November 5:

10:11 Responded to a fire alarm activation at Equinox Village set off by burned toast.

11:16 Responded to a fire alarm activation at WCW, Inc at 450 Natural Foam Way.

11:41 Responded to a fire alarm activation at Pharmacy Northshire.

November 8:

09:59 Responded to a fire alarm activation at the Crystal Palace.


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