Manchester Police and Fire Logs: Nov. 18-24


November 18:

11:41 Responded to a residential false alarm on Main Street.

18:18 Received a report of a theft of a cream and tan UGG purse, the female suspect's picture is on the store's security camera.

November 19:

12:28 A female reported that she believes someone has been selectively stealing her mail from her Bonnet Street mailbox.

12:30 Moved a male along who was loitering at the Equinox Terrace roundabout.

15:20 Moved along juveniles who were skating on Depot Street.

15:27 Attempted to locate a vehicle involved in a theft in Winhall.

19:47 Observed several vehicles in the woods adjacent to US Route 7 south of Exit 4; subjects were looking for way points for a mapping exercise.

21:37 Checked on a house on Main Street in the Village reported to have its front door open.

21:54 Responded to a reported family fight on Brookside Road.

November 20:

09:50 Along with the fire department began to establish a landing zone for Dhart helicopter for Stratton Mountain Rescue on Depot Street.

10:25 Assisted Schultz Construction for traffic problems caused by inattentive drivers.

13:23 Met with property owners on Jennifer Lane about illegal parking issues.

13:38 Investigated a single vehicle crash on Depot Street, car backed into a pole.

19:20 Responded to a family fight at Spruce Brook Apartments.

November 21:

10:47 Investigated a burglary to a resident on Side Road.

13:22 Received a report of a burglary to a storage unit on Manchester Valley Road.

19:55 Arrested a subject for driving while their license was suspended on Richville Road.

23:24 Responded to a burglary on upper Barnumville Road.

November 22:

14:58 Received a report of a possible sick fox on East Manchester Road.

15:23 Responded to a report of a very intoxicated female at a residence on Richville Road.

16:39 Investigated a 911 hangup call on Vaughn Farm Road.

19:07 Investigated an unfounded report of a noise disturbance on Seminary Avenue.

November 23:

09:15 Responded to a two vehicle crash on Depot Street at Riverside Heights.

10:31 Received a report of a parking lot crash in the rear of the Equinox Hotel.

12:41 Investigated a reported suspicious vehicle on West Fields.

13:27 Received a report of a parking lot crash in the lot of Manchester Sports.

15:04 Received a report of a vehicle blocking access for trucks to the Price Chopper loading docks.

15:40 Received a report of a phone scam where the caller requests that the person answering the phone send money in order to receive a monetary prize.

16:03 A female reported she believes she is the victim of identity theft.

21:31 A female Manchester officer assisted the Vermont State Police with a consent search of a female in Arlington.

23:32 Responded to the Israel Congregation Church on Main Street to check on a suspicious light.

November 24:

11:09 Checked on an abandoned vehicle at Bourn Brook.

15:56 Received another parking complaint from West Fields.

16:37 A caller reported an unidentified dead dog on the North Road.

17:42 Participated in the search for young boy lost in Arlington with thermal image equipped patrol car.

18:17 Received a report of a suspicious vehicle and gun shots on Rootville Road.


November 20:

07:41 Responded to smoke in the building at the Polo Store, 32 Depot Street.

09:49 Responded to an activated carbon monoxide detector on Baker Farm Road.

09:50 Along with the police department began to establish a landing zone for Dhart helicopter for Stratton Mountain Rescue on Depot Street.

November 22:

18:13 Responded to a fire alarm activation at 523 West Fields.

November 23:

09:20 Responded to a two vehicle crash on Depot Street by Riverside Heights.

November 24:

12:51 Extinguished an unpermitted burn on Barnumville Road.

17:00 Responded on Mutual Aid to the Arlington fire house for stand by.

17:00 Sent personnel with a thermal imaging camera to participate in a search for a lost boy in Arlington.


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