Long Ago and Far Away displays at Heard Museum

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Betsy and Grant Turner, owners of Long Ago and Far Away gallery in Manchester, recently participated in the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market in Phoenix, Ariz.

The Turners were invited by the museum shop management to display a new collection of Inuit Sculpture inside the shop during the Fair.

The Heard Museum is one of the finest museums of Native American art in the world. The Indian Fair and Market occurs once a year, the first weekend of March, when 700 contemporary Native American artists (who are juried to participate) are set up on the museum grounds in tents, selling their art. The artists come from all over North America and their mediums include sculpture, jewelry, painting, beadwork, textiles and fashion - the "best of the best," as it were, with prices ranging from a few dollars to tens of thousands for works by some of the best known artists.

The Heard Museum shop is quite unusual in that it is, in fact, a full retail art gallery of both traditional and contemporary Native Art. Betsy Turner has worked in the shop for many years during the Market as an expert consultant for jewelry by Alaskan artist Denise Wallace. This March the Turners, as specialists in sculpture from the Canadian Arctic (Inuit Sculpture), were invited to present a grouping of contemporary sculptures to the more than 15,000 collectors who frequent the annual Indian Fair. This selection of sculpture was hand-chosen by the Turners as representative of the finest contemporary Inuit Art.

"The Heard Museum Shop is the epitome of a world class Native American Art gallery. We are so honored to be asked to participate in the Fair as a special vendor," said Betsy Turner.

Working with several Inuit organizations to bring more awareness to the art being created by the indigenous people of the Arctic especially as the Arctic environment is challenged by climate change, the Turners are dedicated to educating more people in the U.S.

The Spring collection that had its debut at the Heard Museum in Phoenix has now arrived at the gallery in Manchester.

Long Ago and Far Away is located in the Green Mountain Village Shops, at 4963 Main Street in downtown Manches ter Center and online at www.LongAgoAndFarAway.com.

The gallery is open every day from at least 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. The phone number is 802-362-3435.


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