Livingston to mount write-in campaign for state representative

MANCHESTER -- Former state representative Judy Livingston, who represented Manchester for several terms until defeated in 2008 by current incumbent Jeff Wilson, has announced she is organizing a write-in campaign in Tuesday's primary election and will also serve as a candidate during the November elections.

Livingston, who will be running as a Republican, joins a field of candidates that includes Republican Tony DuPont, and Democrats Cynthia Browning and Steve Berry. Browning is an incumbent in the two-member district. Wilson is not running for re-election.

The official press release announcing Livingston's campaign, which comes shortly before primary voting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 26, reads as follows:

Manchester's former State Representative Judy Livingston is seeking to complete the GOP ticket in Tuesday's primary. After being contacted by many supporters encouraging her to run again for state representative, Judy has committed to and enthusiastic about a write-in campaign.

Judy said Friday, "During my hiatus I remained active in our community and am re-energized to work on your behalf in Montpelier. I ask for the support of those people pulling a Republican ballot in this primary election."

After the recent state redistricting, the people of Manchester, Sunderland and Arlington now have two representatives to vote for. Therefore, those choosing a Republican ballot can vote for Tony Dupont and they can also write-in Judy Livingston's name.

"It is good to have our slate filled for this seat and Judy did a stellar job for our community in the past. It's great to hear she's stepping up to serve the people in our district once again. She knows what Montpelier is all about and knows how to work across the aisle. She knows the issues," said Don Keelan, CPA in Arlington.


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