Life Affirmed

To the Editor:

We mourn the untimely death of Danny Brown and we extend our sympathies to his family and closest friends.

We were honored to attend his funeral and internment at his home in Danby Four Corners. As sad as the day was, we took hope from the setting and from the uplifting spirit of his family. His funeral was as it should be - children reading poems, sunlight breaking through, horses running in the field, a bagpiper playing, hawks circling above, dogs mingling with the crowd, beautiful country music, home-cooked food, and an amazing assemblage of the wonderful people touched by his life.

In death, life is also affirmed; and we thank his wife Cathy, his family, and his children for creating such a beautiful farewell to our good neighbor - Daniel W. Brown. Go forward into the future! With love.

Steve and Nancy Burzon



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