Library is awesome


To the Editor:

As a Manchester resident I would like to express my thoughts about the Manchester Community Library. In the beginning when the library first started their new building and was asking for money from Manchester residents to help support their operations I was not in favor of supporting the library. Today, as a member of the library, I'm very impressed with the staff and how the library is run on a daily basis, as well as all the resources that the library has to offer.

As a person with a disability, who uses a power wheel, the new library is 100 percent handicapped accessible on all levels and is very user-friendly for people with disabilities. The old library was not user-friendly for people with disabilities and had little to none handicapped accessibility.

Manchester residents are very blessed to have the new Manchester Community Library in Manchester as well as all the surrounding towns who have access to the new library.

The MCL is awesome and I encourage Manchester residents to vote YES on March 1st to continuing to support the Manchester Community Library.

Skip King



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