Library an asset

To the Editor:

Libraries have always been an important part of my life; growing up, I would - and still - do go in and take out books. Yes, movies too, but libraries have given me the opportunity to read an incredible variety of books for free. In an age where every thing is online, and many libraries are struggling, it's amazing that Mark Skinner is providing such extensive services, and building a new library.

Mark Skinner Library is an important part of our community, not just for little kids and adults, but for preteens and teenagers too. It's a safe place to go after school to study, there are books and movies for entertainment or research projects, and MSL hosts events like First Wednesdays which are interesting, and occasionally provide extra credit for high school classes.

The new library expands on these opportunities for teenagers - there's a young adult loft where students can hang out. Need to meet your group to work on a project? Have an hour before practice and want a quiet place to start homework? Need to check your email, pick out a good book, or grab some movies for a night with your friends? The new library offers these things and we're incredibly lucky to have it. Manchester is a small community that really cares about everyone, and both the current and future libraries reflect that attitude.

As a student trustee on the Mark Skinner Library Board, I grew up using MSL.

Burr & Burton and the town gave me a chance to apply for the board, and, loving the library and believing in the importance of student input, I jumped at the chance. It's my third year on the board, and the experience has been invaluable. Not only have I been able to see how a non-profit operates and give my opinions regarding students, but I've been able to volunteer at events and meet all the people who make this library possible.

The new library is a really important step in our community - while many libraries are closing, we're able to build a new one that will benefit everyone for years to come. I've seen the designs, toured the building, and I can say the new library offers something for everyone - especially students. The library is such an important part of Manchester, and we should all support it.

Abbey Grant Manchester


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