Library a big asset


To the Editor:

There are many advantages to the Manchester Community Library. I have read some articles which would have you believe there really isn't anything special about this library. Here are some facts which really should make everyone realize just how important the library is to the Northshire community.

First, the new building has been opened for approximately 18 months and there are now 1,400 new members, in addition to the members they had before the new building was open. So right there we know the library is being used and used a lot!

Second, the programs have improved. The library provides enrichment programs for all ages and with the new space it can accommodate many more children, as well as more adults.

Third, all the programs provided enhance the educational, artistic and social aspects for adults and children alike. The space has provided availability for all groups young and old.

Although I am not a resident of Manchester, I would have to say supporting the Manchester Community Library is the best thing to do for everyone. So if you are a Manchester resident vote yes on election day for the Manchester Community Library.

Mary VanVleck



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