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'Sunny' Wright deserves recognition

To the Editor;

I knew Sunny Wright while working at Burr and Burton a couple years ago. I did mostly subbing for teachers and some work in the learning center as well as a tutor for a student. She is up for the Swenson Award this year and is a dedicated teacher. She was probably the most organized teacher I have ever met. Subbing for her was literally by the numbers, as every minute was planned for me and her students. She normally would ask for an English teacher for her sub when she taught English. Even when away from her students she didn't want to waste any time with her students. Sunny was always busy, never wanting to waste any time during her busy day at school. She is a true leader with a single focus of teaching her students about life and academics.

Tom King


To the Editor:

The Community Food Cupboard and the Town of Manchester are pleased to report that they have come to terms on a lease that runs through December 31, 2018.

The updated lease, recently approved by the Manchester Select Board and CFC's board of directors, reflects the interests of the residents of Manchester as well as enables the Food Cupboard to remain in Town Hall for at least three more years to continue its critical mission of providing nutritious food to families in need in our community. The approval of the lease is particularly well timed with the coming of the cold winter months, Thanksgiving and the Holiday season.

Ivan C. Beattie, Chair of the Manchester Selectboard

Emmy McCusker, President CFC Board of Directors

Defining the terms

To the Editor:

I was very disturbed by the struggle of CBS's so called journalists and the three Democrat candidates for the presidency had in last Saturday's debate to define their term Jihadist, the Fundamental Islamist murdering barbarians that reeked their havoc on Parisians. Jihadiism is a movement (and variances) are used to refer to contemporary armed Jihad (mass homicide) in Islamic Fundamentalism, to murder innocent people using it as a rationale to glorify Allah. Several references were made that this could happen here in the U.S.A. — have they forgotten that we lost almost 3,000 souls in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and in the plane crash in Pennsylvania? Due to the Islamic Fundamentalism's Jihadist movement, many more of our citizens in earlier incidents have been murdered — the list is quite long.

The French President stated it correctly, "we are at war." In the light of Pres.Obama's recent erroneous statement, Isis is not contained, so what will we do now?

Perry Green

Manchester Center

KURA project says thanks

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Oct. 10, students from Long Trail School and Stratton Mountain School gathered together at the local Subway in Manchester to raise awareness and funds for The KURA Project(Kids Uniting for Rural Africa).

Subway generously donated its facility and 20 percent of its profits for the day. This money will be used to purchase reusable menstrual pad kits and underwear for students in Kenya who otherwise would go without these basic necessities.

A big thank you goes out to Subway, the students, and our wonderful community for making this a fun and successful event for all involved.

The KURA Project is a 501c3 non for profit organization whose goal is to improveliteracy for students in northern Kenya by increasing school attendance and providing basic materials necessary to stay in school and learn.

Sarah Hadden


Congratulations to the Library

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Manchester Community Library for the impressive statistics shared in a recent Manchester Journal. Seldom are so many goals of such an ambitious project met in the first year. MCL did it! And did it with enthusiasm, professionalism, and style.

It has become the hub of community engagement with books, media, lectures, social events, and other people. I am particularly impressed with the number of young children taking advantage of library programs and spaces. As a retired educator of middle and upper school students, it is heartening to see the number that age in the library during afterschool hours doing homework, studying, and socializing.

The increased membership of residents and non-residents speaks volumes to the need the library fills, and its potential to stimulate retail and restaurant business by drawing more people into town, as does the number of events hosted at MCL by local organizations. The surroundings and staff are warm and welcoming. It is a comfortable place to have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper or a magazine. Even the bulletin board is attractively filled with opportunities available in the community. MCL provides an abundance of resources.

Thank you to the visionary donors who made this prototype of a 21st century library possible; to Manchester residents for endorsing financial support for expanded hours, staffing, and resources; and to the staff who make it happen every day. MCL is a beacon of intellectual and social opportunity for the Manchester community and beyond.

Nancy Wolf



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